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Lost Caverns of Ixalan

Lost Caverns of Ixalan

This September, return to the land of fairy tales, knights, and witches in Wilds of Eldraine. A plane cloaked in mystery and fantasy, Eldraine has so much to discover! Eldraine is a top-down, fairy tale–inspired plane that relishes in the whimsy of a good tale, but with a special Magic twist. This time, we're venturing beyond the scenic castles and into the wilds, a land filled with faeries, giants, and more.

Wilds of Eldraine is also your first look into the Multiverse following the Phyrexian invasion. While our heroes may have stopped Elesh Norn's plans, the consequences of this are on full display here. You'll meet old friends (and enemies), explore new corners of Eldraine, and discover how the Multiverse is healing from the Invasion.
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