Commander Planeswalker Journey League

Are you ready to join our fun-filled Commander Journey League? This league is perfect for those who want to build and rebuild their commander deck while putting everyone on an equal level. All you need to bring is a preconstructed commander deck and pick up booster packs to tweak and improve your deck throughout the league if you want.

In order to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone, we do not allow the purchase of single cards to add to decks. This means that everyone is on the same playing field and there is no risk of power level discrepancies.

The league runs from the day of release until the next major prerelease, giving you ample time to tweak and perfect your deck and even join in part of the way through. At the end of the league, you can choose to either grab a new precon deck or reset your current deck and start again. If you choose to keep your current deck, you can continue to build it up into a competition style deck if you desire.

So what are you waiting for? Come join our Friday Night Magic and let the fun and begin!

Learn more about Commander with the official guide from wizards of the Coast.